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Hand Reconstructive Surgery in Pennsylvania

When one is considering hand reconstructive surgery, it is usually due to a trauma/injury. Having this type of reconstructive surgery varies greatly from the ‘cosmetic’ side of reconstructive surgery, since the goal is typically to return functionality rather than addressing appearance.

With the right surgeon, you can obtain the best of both worlds and get as much use and cosmetic appearance back as possible. At Keystone Surgery Center in Pennsylvania, we have extensive experience in hand reconstructive surgery.

Finding the right doctor for hand reconstruction is imperative since the procedure can involve tiny micro surgeries done on the joints, nerves, tendons, and the outer skin. You want to be sure that you fully discuss with your doctor the expectations and realities of the surgery.

Your specific case may involve one surgery, or it may involve multiple procedures. This all depends on the extent of your injuries or deformities, as well as your doctor. A great surgeon will be able to do the work in as few surgeries as safely possible.

In cases of congenital deformities such as fingers being fused together, you can’t afford to choose an inexperienced surgeon — improper surgical techniques can lead to nerve damage or worse. You can see examples of the great results our patients have experienced by browsing the ‘Before and after’ galleries on our website. If you see a case similar to yours, come in and discuss it with us. If not, a quick search online will help you find a result you would like that you can bring in.

Whatever reason you need to undergo hand reconstructive surgery, we will give you the best in experience, expertise, and technological advances in the Pennsylvania area.

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