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Sagging Brows: One Problem, Two Possible Solutions

Browlift, Haxelton, PAAs we age, we face a number of changes that we may have never expected. Facial aging may begin with a few lines and creases around the eyes and mouth, but, at some point, progresses into laxity that creates the appearance of weight at the lower face (jowls) and may dramatically alter the way in which the eyes represent us. If your aging process has led to drooping brows, you know exactly what we mean.

The eyebrows serve as a frame to the eyes. By nature, they are supposed to sit on top of the bone that encompasses the eye, called the orbital rim. When the eyebrows fall below this ridge, the eyes may begin to look sad, angry, or tired. Which appearance your eyes take on depends on the area in which the brow is being pulled downward. The good news about drooping brows is that they can be lifted. The question is how.

Lifting with Surgery

A surgical brow lift, or forehead lift, is a procedure in which only the tissue on the upper face is repositioned. Dr. Kimmel performs brow lifts using an endoscopic technique. This means a few short incisions versus one long incision that travels from ear to ear behind the hairline. An endoscopic brow lift uses tiny instruments to reposition the tissue on the forehead so the brow line once again sits across the orbital rim.

A surgical brow lift can:

  • Restore optimal height and curvature to the brows
  • Rejuvenate the eyes by reducing weight on the upper eyelids
  • Remove worry lines and frown lines
  • Make the eyes appear friendlier and more vibrant
  • Complement blepharoplasty to achieve more dramatic results

Lifting with Botox

Botox can solve quite a few cosmetic concerns, including a drooping brow. Treatment involves injections into tensed muscle tissue at specific points on the forehead. Within a few days after injections are administered, the treated muscles relax and allow the brow to sit higher on the forehead.

A Botox brow lift can:

  • Reduce or eliminate worry lines and frown lines
  • Reposition the brow line to sit closer to the orbital rim
  • Offer convenient and affordable treatment
  • Achieve results that last approximately 4 months

Schedule Your Consultation

Both the surgical brow lift and Botox brow lift offer specific advantages and each has disadvantages, too. To discover which approach may be best for your aging brow, schedule a visit at our Pottsville or Hazleton office.

There are So Many Ways to Refresh Your Face this Year and No Better Time to Start than Now!

Facial Rejuvenation, Hazelton, PANew Year’s resolutions have a way of creating unnecessary frustration. If you’re already starting to see that your goals may be harder to achieve than you had imagined, there is no time like the present to revamp your strategy. We can help. Here, we point out a few of the treatments you may want to consider putting on your schedule sooner rather than later.

Let’s Talk Fat

When we talk about fat, we’re usually ready to rant about the tissue in hard-to-sculpt places like the thighs or tummy. However, fat holds particular value for the face. Many of the problems that develop on the lower parts of the face – jowls, creases, even a double chin – are the result of fat depletion in the midface. The fat from the cheeks doesn’t die or go away, it migrates to the jawline. If you’re just beginning to notice jowls and other problems, you can nip them in the bud by visiting our Pottsville or Hazleton office for fat injections. Although we have to harvest fat cells from an appropriate part of the body, treatment is relatively short and is very safe.

Rejuvenating the Eyes

Many of the concerns our patients express have to do with the way their eyes make them appear. We like for our eyes to be accurate “windows to the soul,” but they eventually become affected by the “curtains” around them. What many patients tell us is that they can accept the fine lines around their eyes, but they cannot feel their best because they have bags under their eyes or heavy upper eyelids that make them appear tired or unfriendly. Eyelid rejuvenation may involve surgical or nonsurgical techniques.

  • Botox can gently lift a sagging brow so the upper eyelids appear tighter and smoother and the eyes open-up.
  • Dermal fillers injected into the upper region of the cheek add volume that disguises undereye bags and dark circles.
  • Bags, sagging, and a generally tired appearance can be improved for the long-haul with blepharoplasty.

Bring your best self back to life by rejuvenating your face this year. From a lip lift to dermal fillers to a thread lift or a full facelift, the options for facial rejuvenation are virtually endless. Even better, the treatments we offer have been carefully selected based on safety and efficacy. Learn more by calling our Hazleton or Pottsville office.


Don’t Spend Your New Year in the Gym

Liposuction, Hazelton, PAA new year brings many of us to a place of contemplation. While some ponder who they are and what they want to do with the coming months to become a better version of themselves, it seems that the majority of people who make resolutions want something simpler: a better body. Seeing that the mind and the body have a close and lifelong relationship, we see the immense value that can come from feeling good about appearance. Here, we discuss why it pays to consult with a plastic surgeon about goals pertaining to shape and why a consultation with us can be the perfect complement to your gym membership.

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to achieve the body you envision having, you know it can be quite the challenge. There are several factors involved in how we gain and hold weight. Both men and women may have a more difficult time managing weight as they age. This is due to natural changes in hormones that affect fat metabolism. Stress also causes us to hold weight, even when we’re working out and eating well. Finally, there are areas of the body on which we simply accumulate fat cells that are resistant to metabolism. This is why surgery may be the best solution.

At Keystone Cosmetic Surgery Center, patients have multiple options to achieve the contours they want. Liposuction continues to be a popular method of fast and permanent fat elimination, but the technique that is used can be customized based on preference.

  • Tumescent liposuction is a well-known fat-reduction technique that is performed with local anesthetic and IV sedation. Before extracting fat cells, Dr. Kimmel infuses the treatment area with a tumescent fluid that contains ingredients that reduce bleeding and firm fatty tissue for easier removal.
  • “Tickle” liposuction is an innovative fat-reduction technique that incorporates micro-oscillation, rotation, and vibration to trick the body into feeling a mild tickling sensation rather than discomfort. What patients appreciate about tickle liposuction is that they do not require IV sedation and therefore have a faster recovery from surgery.
  • Liposonix non-surgical fat reduction is the treatment of choice for those who want a slimmer figure without any surgical aspects to speak of. Liposonix naturally destroys fat with high-intensity focused ultrasound. Results do take a bit of time to see, but they are permanent with good lifestyle habits.

Fat-reduction and body contouring are matters best handled by a board-certified plastic surgeon. To reduce your gym time and maximize your results, call our Hazleton or Pottsville office for information on our services.


Wintertime is an Excellent Time for Skin Renewal

Chemical Peels Pottsville, PAThe winter months are a time when many of us want to hibernate. After the first few snowfalls, the magic of our regional climate may dwindle significantly and our longing for summer may begin to simmer within. Winter can do a number on your emotions, and also on your skin. Here, we want to offer a suggestion that can brighten your radiance from the inside out – and help you sidestep some of the most common beauty winter woes.

Skin Renewal Basics

We’ve become so accustomed to skin renewal meaning anti-aging with injectables, lasers, and plastic surgery that we may overlook the basics. At the heart of a glowing complexion is the canvas of your skin. No matter how much you do to create beauty on that canvas, your attempts will be blunted if you haven’t properly prepared the surface.

There are several layers to the skin. Aging begins at the innermost layers. However, what lies beneath is affected by what happens on the surface. For example, sun exposure hits the epidermis, but also transfers at heat into the deeper cells in which collagen and melanin are made. As a result of those summertime tans, dermal cells will produce less collagen and more melanin, resulting in premature aging and spots on the skin. To promote a healthier renewal process, it is necessary to support cellular turnover.

Chemical Peels to the Rescue

Healthy cell turnover is the basis of beautiful skin. Cells are produced in the dermis and make their way to the epidermis over time. At some point, these cells die off. When they do, they should naturally fall away, but they usually don’t. Even when a facial scrub or loofa is used on the skin (which it shouldn’t be), cells can stubbornly hang on where they no longer serve a purpose. A chemical peel forces renewal by creating the perfect environment.

Chemical peel treatment is customized to affect as much or as little tissue as desired. A mild peel applies low concentrations of natural chemicals like glycolic acid to the epidermis, where the cellular matrix is disrupted enough to cause dead and damaged cells to fall away. Mild peels are so gentle that you could schedule treatment monthly throughout the winter season. Moderate peels cause minor flaking and peeling and also result in more dramatic renewal.

We are pleased to offer customized chemical peels and several other spa services in our Pottsville and Hazelton offices. Call today to schedule your skin renewing treatment.

I’m Not Angry, That’s Just My Face!

Fillers Hazleton, PAIf you’ve never had to explain your neutral facial expression, you can count yourself as one of the lucky ones. In recent years, a common term has been developed to describe certain facial characteristics: “resting bitch face.” As many jokes that have been made about the face that looks angry or unfriendly, this can be a real problem in a society that places a great deal of value on looking happy and approachable.

The Science of Facial Analysis

Numerous studies have been conducted to observe how humans perceive one another based on appearance. You may be able to look through your own life and recognize all the times you’ve based an immediate perception of another person on appearance alone. What research has suggested is that certain character traits are associated with facial characteristics. For example:

  • A person with thin lips is thought to be stern, strict, or mean.
  • A downturned mouth is a type of scowl, making a person appear harsh, unfriendly, and unapproachable.
  • Closed-off, squinty eyes create the impression of boredom, disinterest, fatigue.
  • Frown lines make a person appear angry and stern.
  • Flat eyebrows give the impression of fatigue and stress.
  • Eyebrows that slant toward the center make a person seem judgmental.
  • Eyebrows that slant toward the side of the face make a person seem sad or worried.

The Science of Facial Expression

Researchers have discovered some interesting interplay between facial movements and the way a person may feel. We inherently assume that emotions show on the face; when you’re angry, you frown or purse your lips. What studies have found is that, when people routinely make certain facial expressions, such as frowning to see their computer screen, their emotions eventually follow that expression. Basically, you are less likely to feel happy emotions if your face if perpetually turned downward.

As you may know, the face takes a sharp decline with age; it will naturally start to turn downward, causing an angry, unfriendly appearance in many people. Here in our offices near Philadelphia, we have come to realize that it isn’t necessarily the desire for a younger-looking face that leads people to seek surgical or non-surgical facial rejuvenation, it is a longing to have their outward appearance match their inner emotional state.

Your face should reflect how you feel on the inside. For help turning your frown upside down, schedule a visit with our Hazleton or Pottsville team.

Did you Know a Mommy Makeover Could Do This?

Mommy Makeovers Hazleton, PA

Mommy Makeovers Hazleton, PAIf you have children, you know the highs and lows of motherhood well. On the one hand, your children can bring you immense joy with nothing more than a smile. On the other hand, your body may have changed in ways you could have never predicted. A Mommy Makeover can resolve issues that linger long after delivery and breastfeeding. The procedure can restore a smoother, flatter belly and roundness to the breasts.

Most women know how their body can change after a Mommy Makeover. This is precisely why this process is so popular. Reshaping the body is one thing, but a Mommy Makeover can also reshape a woman’s life.

  • New wardrobe. After undergoing a Mommy Makeover, many of our patients enjoy getting to reshape their wardrobe. Some items that were comfortable before surgery simply no longer serve the body. Shapeless clothing may be tossed and exchanged for items that are much better at accentuating a woman’s new shape. Do all women make over their closets to sport only body-conscious clothing? Absolutely not. Every woman is unique in her choices. The point is she is finally free to make them.
  • New outlook. Perhaps one of the most meaningful benefits of a Mommy Makeover is the way a woman’s outlook on life changes. The very act of undergoing a Mommy Makeover demonstrates a woman’s ability to give her own needs the priority they deserve. As a result, many patients say they feel like better mothers, spouses, and friends.
  • New lifestyle. Patients are not encouraged to believe that cosmetic surgery can make them confident because it can’t. However, it can make a person more confident. A Mommy Makeover, in particular, has a way of boosting a woman’s desire to eat even better and take the best possible care of her body through exercise and rest. These lifestyle changes don’t just maintain the results of the body makeover, but they support long-term health and wellness.

The Mommy Makeover process is a personalized treatment plan based on your needs and objectives. Learn more about how your Mommy Makeover can look. Call our Hazleton or Pottsville office to schedule your visit.

Breast Implant Surgery: Is This Normal?

Breast Augmentation Hazleton, PA

Breast Augmentation Hazleton, PAWomen who are in the process of planning breast augmentation with a trusted surgeon usually express that they feel a nearly-overwhelming combination of excitement and worry. Obviously, it is exciting to finally see your body align with how you have envisioned it for so long. At the same time, you can’t know what breast augmentation recovery will be like until you go through it. No one can really jump into the unknown without a smidge of doubt. Here, we answer questions that frequently go unasked until breast augmentation surgery has begun.

Is it normal for breast sensation to be lost after breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery disrupts tissue and the nerve endings that are located throughout it. As a result, it is common for patients to feel somewhat numb after breast augmentation. Numbness may be complete or subtle. It may localize around the nipples and areolas or extend across the breasts. Every person is different. Because the speed at which full sensation returns varies from one person to another, patients can only be patient as their body heals.

Is it normal for breasts to look high on the chest?

The location of the breasts after breast augmentation is often described at “under my chin.” This may sound humorous, but can be unnerving for the woman whose breasts appear very high on her chest. Not to worry, though, the term “drop and fluff” exists for a reason; it is the process of settling that breast implants undergo as tissue softens and heals.

Is bloating and weight gain normal after breast augmentation?

The answer is that both bloating and weight gain are perfectly normal for breast augmentation patients. Bloating is often related to the use of IV fluids during surgery and might even have something to do with anesthesia. As contradictory as it sounds, drinking lots of fluids is the most beneficial step to decrease bloating after surgery.

Weight gain after breast augmentation may relate to temporary fluid retention. Rarely does it have much to do with the presence of breast implants. What some patients notice is that they put on a few pounds due to the time they take off from routine exercise to recover. Throughout recovery, both weight and healing can be supported with a healthy, low calorie diet.

Now is a great time to plan your breast augmentation surgery in our Pottsville or Hazleton office. Contact us today to get our journey started.

Breast Reconstruction is a Far Cry from the Average Boob Job

Breast Reconstruction Hazleton, PA

Breast Reconstruction Hazleton, PAThroughout the history of breast augmentation, the technique used to enhance the female shape has commonly been referred to as a “boob job.” It used to be that one could easily spot a woman who had undergone breast augmentation. Today, this is certainly not the case. Breast surgeries have expanded in the area of technique to accommodate a wide variety of needs, including reconstruction after breast cancer treatment. At Keystone Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Kimmel and our staff understand the vast differences between elective breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery. Throughout the process, we make patient wellness our priority.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Reconstructing the breasts after mastectomy or lumpectomy is not as simple as the average breast augmentation. The purpose of reconstruction is to reinstate the feminine shape of the breasts after natural tissue has been surgically removed. Mastectomy may remove varying degrees of breast tissue and skin, including the areolas and nipples. Therefore, reconstruction is often a process rather than a one-time event.

The Path Toward Healing

Breast reconstruction is a very healing journey for women who choose this path. In some cases, it is possible for the oncology and plastic surgery team to work together in a single series of procedures to remove natural tissue and immediately insert breast implants. Often, though, the path begins more slowly.

Multi-stage breast reconstruction may initially focus on creating space within the chest for future implants. This is accomplished by inserting tissue expanders at the time of mastectomy. A tissue expander could be likened to a balloon. It is added as an empty sac behind the pectoral muscle. A few weeks after installation, the expansion process begins. Every week or two, a small amount of saline is injected into a port in the tissue expander. This schedule may continue for a few months until the desired amount of skin and tissue stretching has been achieved. Then, we wait; we wait for the body to rest and heal a bit more before performing the second surgery in which tissue expanders are replaced with saline or silicone breast implants, maintaining focus on the patient’s well-being throughout the process.

Breast reconstruction is a complicated matter that requires expert care. Learn more about Dr. Kimmel’s training and experience in a personal consultation visit in our Hazelton or Pottsville office. Call to schedule your appointment today.

Why Liposuction Makes Sense

Liposuction Hazleton, PA

Liposuction Hazleton, PAMany of the online searches that are conducted today revolve around getting a slimmer physique. If we’re not looking up the latest diet trends or workout videos, we are researching which non-surgical body contouring treatments are getting the best results. At the moment, non-surgical fat reduction is incredibly popular. We can understand the draw to treatments like CoolSculpting. At the same time, it is necessary to thoroughly consider the value of surgical technique – aka liposuction – versus fat reducing methods that are conducted in the office setting.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

In recent years, several technologies have been developed for cosmetic use. As a result, we have multiple ways to eliminate unwanted fat. Patients of our Hazelton and Pottsville offices may choose the non-surgical route of Liposonix, which targets fat cells with high-intensity focused ultrasound. Another popular method of fat reduction is to freeze fat cells. You may know this method as CoolSculpting. We’re going to discuss the latter due to its overwhelming popularity.

CoolSculpting freezes fat in a localized area such as the lower abdomen or inner thighs. Fat-freezing is achieved by securing a region of tissue in between two panels. Tissue must stay between the panels for about an hour to reach the necessary effect. According to the device manufacturer, each treatment can reduce fatty tissue by up to 23 percent. This sounds advantageous. However, we must also look at the size of the treatment area. Also according to the manufacturer, it is approximately the size of a stick of butter. Not very substantial after all.

Liposuction Surgery

Because liposuction is referred to as a surgical procedure, there may be a connotation that the process is involved and very risky. In fact, many of the liposuction treatments that are performed today are conducted either in an office setting or an accredited outpatient surgical facility. While some liposuction procedures are performed under general anesthesia, many are completed with a local anesthetic and appropriate sedative. Patients are released to recover at home within a short time after their procedure.

Dr. Kimmel frequently chooses Tickle Lipo as the preferred method of body sculpting. This technique is versatile enough to treat just about any area of the body. Using surgical liposuction, he can also address multiple areas in a single surgery without increasing downtime. But the most significant aspect of surgical liposuction versus any non-surgical treatment is the degree of fat removal that is possible – up to 2.5 liters of fatty tissue in a single surgery.

Do you want noticeable body sculpting? Call our Hazelton or Pottsville office to learn more about Tickle Lipo.

Know What a Facelift Will and Will Not Do

Facelift Hazleton, PA

Facelift Hazleton, PA The first facelift was performed more than 100 years ago. During the early Twentieth Century, this procedure was typically done in secret due to the perception that surgery was meant for clinical use only. As techniques for tightening and lifting saggy skin caught on, though, the facelift began a long journey through history.

As with many innovative ideas, facelift surgery has been a technique that could use some fine-tuning. Over the years, this has been achieved. However, because some of the most publicized facelifts have been examples of what not to do, there are still some pretty significant misconceptions about this procedure. We want to clear them up by outlining a few details regarding what a facelift will and will not do.

  • A facelift will not alter your natural appearance so much that you don’t look like yourself. This is a tricky misconception because, as we mentioned, there is clear evidence that confirms the idea that a facelift can make you look unnatural. Even singer Kenny Rogers had said that he was not happy with the results of a botched eyelid surgery that changed his appearance. The key here is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has an abundance of before and after images of personal clients whom he or she has treated.
  • A facelift will slow your aging process. Of course, your skin will continue to age after a facelift. However, because your procedure will rejuvenate your face significantly, you will continue to look several years younger than you would otherwise. Fifty really is the new Forty!
  • Facelift surgery recovery will be easier than you think. Many people assume that the recovery period after facelift surgery is quite painful. It’s not. We might say that healing looks worse than it is. This is because the manipulation of deep tissue results in bruising and swelling. These side effects can be decreased with compression and ice, if approved by your surgeon. After seven to ten days, swelling and bruising diminish dramatically. After two weeks, you can return to work looking like you’ve had a brief but relaxing vacation.
  • A facelift will not rejuvenate the eyes or brows. The mid-face and jawline are the two primary areas that improve after a facelift. However, the results of surgical lifting can be enhanced with a BOTOX brow lift, dermal fillers for eye rejuvenation, or lip augmentation.

Learn the facts about facelift surgery in consultation with our experienced team. Contact our Hazleton or Pottsville office for a convenient appointment.

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