Abdominoplasty: It’s Crunch Time!

Abdominoplasty and Working out Hazleton, PA and Pottsville, PAThe midsection can pose a significant problem when it doesn’t get into shape no matter how hard you try. Contouring is a vital aspect of looking as physically fit as you feel. The body doesn’t always agree, though, especially when fatty deposits have accumulated across the abdomen. In such an instance, the way to restore the taut tummy you once had is not with crunches, but with a tummy tuck.

Eating healthy can help you get to the overall weight that you’d like to maintain with your good eating habits. Exercise can also do your body good, but that doesn’t mean that hundreds of crunches and other core work can bring separated muscles back together. To do away with loose, sagging tissue and skin takes a surgeon’s touch. Then, it’s crunch time, but maybe not in the way you think!

Getting to it

Often, a person makes the decision to consider abdominoplasty after his or her exercise efforts have not paid off. Working so hard to bring out the best in your body can lead to a sort of dependence on exercise that can be difficult to resist after your tummy tuck. This is when the going may get tough. Working out is not the first order of business after abdominoplasty. In fact, it doesn’t really get to be what it once was for some time.

Sculpting and stitching the abdominal wall means that tissues need a full recovery before they can manage the strain of targeted exercises like crunches. In fact, any type of exercise that requires a tightened core may be off limits until the muscles have reached 100% functional use. This may be several months.

Until that time

The abdominal muscles heal approximately 60% in the first six weeks after surgery. That leaves a pretty substantial gap, though, and while you may be feeling a lot more like your old self, your re-entry into the workout world may need to wait a bit. Walking is a great activity to engage in until that time. As you feel able, you may also start light weight training, just be careful not to strain your core during any of your exercises.

Patients of Keystone Cosmetic Surgery Center receive one-on-one support from a friendly and experienced staff. If you have questions about any aspect of the abdominoplasty process, give us a call.


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