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At Kimmel Plastic Surgery, we recognize that you have other choices for cosmetic surgeons in Scranton, PA and Wilkes-Barre, PA.  So why choose plastic surgeon Robert M. Kimmel, MD, FACS, PC, and Keystone Plastic Surgery?

From your initial contact with Kimmel Plastic Surgery, whether by phone or e-mail, you will be favorably impressed with our friendly, attentive, helpful staff. We believe in quick communication with a ‘real person’, as opposed to the automated responses that you find with many practices in Scranton, PA and Wilkes-Barre, PA. For your entire Keystone experience, we strive to provide a welcoming and relaxing experience.

But the many advantages at Kimmel Plastic Surgery do not end there!

After being brought back into an exam room, Dr. Kimmel and his staff provide individual, patient-centered approach to care. We want you to feel at ease after your trip from Scranton, PA and Wilkes-Barre, PA. With board certification in plastic surgery and over 20 years of clinical practice experience, Dr. Kimmel takes the time to listen to your concerns and respects your priorities in developing your customized treatment plan.  This degree of physician attention may not be offered in Scranton, PA and Wilkes-Barre, PA plastic surgical practices. Dr. Kimmel will provide a personal follow-up call himself, a service that is not provided by any Scranton, PA and Wilkes-Barre, PA plastic surgery practices.

Imagine a single practice, equipped to offer a complete range of plastic surgical services.  From initial consults to minor, office based procedures; from aesthetic/medical spa services to ambulatory surgery; and all available under one roof! Sounds too good to be true?  Come visit us in person at Kimmel Plastic Surgery.  You won’t be disappointed!

Cosmetic Surgeon Scranton, PA Plastic Surgeon


  1. Take I-81 South to PA-309 South in Hazle Township
  2. Our office is located on the left side of PA-309 South in the 29th Street Office Complex (we are located in between McDonalds & Burger King)



Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Lebanon, PAWe are proud to offer breast enhancement, also known as breast augmentation, to patients in the Scranton area. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which implants, made of a soft silicone shell and filled with either sterile salt water solution or silicone gel, are placed behind the breasts to enhance their size and shape. Click o learn more about breast augmentation or our other breast procedures.


Microneedling Lebanon, PAMicroneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT) or percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), is a nonsurgical skin rejuvenation procedure that uses tiny needles to create microscopic punctures in the skin. At Keystone Cosmetic, we offer microneedling to patients in Scranton to improve the skin texture, tone, and uniformity of color. Click to learn more about microneedling.


Liposuction Lebanon, PADespite a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, many individuals remain frustrated with the development of disproportionate contours due to localized fat deposits.These areas may arise due to multiple factors beyond one’s control such as gender, family traits and hormone balance. We offer liposuction to patients in the Scranton area to help remove these stubborn pockets of fat. Click to learn more about liposuction or our body procedures.

Mole and Lesion Removal

Mole Removal Scranton, PAKeystone Cosmetic believes that mole and lesion removal is important to maintaining your health. Skin lesions (or growths) may be observed in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes, colors and locations. Moles with irregular edges or varying shades of color may have developed into a serious form of skin cancer known as malignant melanoma.  Click to learn more about moles and lesions.

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