Breast Reduction in the Spotlight

breast reduction Pottsville HazletonThere are no procedures at this time that outnumber those that enhance the appearance of the breasts. When you think of this, the procedure that may first come to mind is breast augmentation. Yes, there are benefits to enlargement with breast implants. Any woman who has had this procedure will tell you what they are. But there is another breast procedure that also deserves some air time: breast reduction.

Just as there are general benefits to making any part of the body more attractive and shapely, there are also unique benefits to various procedures. Breast reduction is no exception. Women who undergo this method of body-contouring are treated to . . .

Higher confidence.

The confidence a woman gains after breast reduction is not newly developed, it was always inside of her. The smaller size of her breasts just lets her confidence shine. Here’s one way this can happen: the size of the breasts no longer overshadows every other aspect of physical appearance or character traits. A woman with large breasts often feels as though she has to grin and bear it as another sneers at, stares at, or jokes about her physique. Removing this obstacle (over which she had no control) empowers a woman to be known for who she really is, not for her shape. Now that’s confidence!


Ok, so breast reduction probably won’t lead a woman to entirely change the way she dresses – at least not as it pertains to the price of her clothing. Some women do actually change their entire style. This isn’t because her preference has changed, though; it’s because her body can now fit into the types of clothing she always wanted to wear. Tank tops and bikinis may no longer feel intimidating and may actually be appealing and comfortable.

Improved health.

Having large breasts does not make a woman unhealthy. What may inhibit optimal well-being is the lack of motivation a large-breasted woman has regarding physical fitness. Whether there might be an interest in yoga, weight training, or aerobics, the discomfort of hard-to-support breasts may be a huge obstacle – an obstacle overcome for good with breast reduction.

If you are near Pottsville or Hazleton, we invite you to schedule a consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kimmel to discuss what is possible for you.

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