What You Can Do Now for Great Skin in the Future

Anti-Aging Treatments Hazleton, PAGreat skin. We may not look at our beauty concerns and say that they are related to our skin, but most of them are. The signs of aging, such as the formation of jowls or the flattening of the cheeks, are all related to how the skin ages. Primarily, it is the loss of collagen and fatty tissue in the face that leads to many of the concerns men and women express as they get older. This is why our knowledge and attainment of professional skin-boosting treatments is integral to younger looking skin now, a year from now, and ten years from now.

In our cosmetic surgery practices, patients from Philadelphia and surrounding areas can benefit from personal care and non-surgical treatments that boost the appearance of the skin. Some to consider before the busy holiday season includes:

  • Customized chemical peels. Chemical peels are spa-treatments that are customized to achieve the exact intensity of peeling needed to achieve the desired result. If you’ve got a special event in a week, a mild peel may be ideal to restore a healthy glow to your skin. If you’ve got more time to invest in recovery, a deep peel may be ideal for the most dramatic improvements, which can include reduced lines and wrinkles and tighter, smoother skin.
  • Laser treatments. There are various lasers used in aesthetic medicine to enhance the appearance of the skin. Most work by gently heating and ablating superficial tissue. The result of laser treatments may be heightened radiance, smoother texture, and the reversal of sun damage. Laser treatments are commonly performed on the face, neck, chest, and hands.
  • A gentle rejuvenating treatment, microneedling sounds much harsher than it is! This technique makes tiny pinhole channels in the skin at varying depths to incite collagen proliferation. With more collagen flowing through the epidermis, the skin appears smoother, tighter, younger.

Professional spa treatments aren’t just relaxing; they are intended to slow the aging process on the skin, so you look radiant years from now. Learn more about available treatments by speaking to a member of our staff.

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