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Should I Get a Facelift?

The signs of aging can be a frustrating fact of life. For some, the gradual changes that take place are only mildly concerning. As we can see by observing statistics in plastic surgery and injectables, most people want some sense of control over how they age. One of the questions that gets asked over and over again is “should I get a facelift?” If you’re asking that, know that you are the only one who can answer it. However, you don’t have to make your decision without assistance. Here, we discuss two ways you can move closer to definite resolve about the timing of a facelift.

“I don’t look like myself anymore.”

When you look in the mirror, you think this to yourself? Maybe the lines and wrinkles around your eyes, nose, and mouth have become familiar and you hardly notice them anymore. What you see now, though, is a face that doesn’t look like it used to. This happens to many people and it relates to a combination of factors. With age, the skin becomes depleted of collagen because it is not making enough to replace what grows old and weak. This changes the firmness and elasticity of the skin, so it sags. The fat pads in the mid-face also deteriorate, causing the face to become less contoured and interesting. The jawline gets loose and saggy, too. So while you may see glimpses of yourself in your eyes, your face may be a different shape than it once was. A facelift can correct this, making you look about ten years younger by doing so.

You Need More Than What Injectables Offer

In recent years, injectables have all-but taken over the game of facial rejuvenation. There are several benefits gained by using products like Botox and dermal fillers to reduce the signs of aging. At the same time, it is important to know how they work and what their limitations are. The more volume that the face loses, the more difficult it is to restore it with injectables without making it look puffy and unnatural. Some people finally schedule their facelift when they find that they are needing more frequent injections or more units of product to maintain their results. In this case, a facelift resets the baseline. Surgery may not eliminate the benefits of future injectables but it certainly increases the success of such treatment.

Facelift surgery is popular because it achieves long-lasting results that make people look and feel like themselves again. If you’d like to feel this way, too, contact our Hazleton or Pottsville office to arrange your consultation.

Is There a Facelift in Your Future? Read These Important Tips for Recovery!

Even with the advancement of nonsurgical modalities to rejuvenate the aging face, we continue to see a strong interest in facelift surgery. Refinements in surgical techniques over the years have made it possible for people to undergo a facelift on an outpatient basis. No hospital stay required. The results that can be achieved with facelift surgery have also improved. Patients who receive care from an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon have little worry about looking “done.” Where patients do sometimes worry is in the area of recovery.

A facelift is a surgical procedure and, as such, comes with some degree of risk. These are minimized by surgical experience and by practicing good post-operative care. Patients may understand these risks and know that they will experience some degree of swelling and bruising after their procedure. Most expect to feel pain. This is usually overestimated and patients are surprised at how good they feel. Still, it is important that we not be vague about what is necessary to recovery exceedingly well from a facelift.

What Not to Do After a Facelift

One of the biggest mistakes that a person can make after undergoing any surgical procedure is to forego their pain medication. We see it too often, and it nearly always leads to unnecessary stress for the patient. Here’s what you need to know. Facelift surgery is performed under anesthesia. One of the things that anesthesia does is block the transmission of pain signals for several hours. This means that there’s a good chance that you’ll feel better than expected once you’re back home after your procedure. It is still necessary to take your pain medication as prescribed. Don’t wait it out to see how much discomfort you can tolerate. Doing so could lead to the continual chasing of pain rather than a smooth walk through recovery.

What to Do After a Facelift

One of the biggest challenges that patients can face after undergoing surgery is to prioritize their rest. We’re not taught in our society to value rest. To that end, many people find themselves feeling impatient to get back to their normal activities even while their body is still recovering from the physical stress of surgery. After a facelift, expect this to be more of a challenge than you had anticipated, and do not give in to the guilt or pressure you may feel. Continue to nap. Continue to catch up on your favorite shows or read that book that’s been on the shelf for months. Remember, rest is the fastest way to heal well.

The benefits of a surgical facelift are worth a few days of downtime. To learn more about this procedure, contact our Hazleton or Pottsville office today.

Facelift or Neck Lift: Is that Really the Question?

Neck Lift Pottsville, PAThere are so many terms tossed about today to describe facial rejuvenation. There is the facelift, a mid-face lift, thread lifts, neck lift surgery, the MACS lift and so much more than the array of choices could quickly cause overwhelm. The thing is, it is virtually impossible for the average person to come to an educated decision about which type of facial rejuvenation is right for them simply by looking online. The connectedness of the face and neck only makes this more difficult.

Actress and writer Nora Ephron penned, “You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old it is, but you wouldn’t if it had a neck.” Does this speak to you? Do you, like Ephron, realize that your neck tells the truth about your age no matter how consistently you get Botox and dermal fillers? The fact is, we can’t spot treat aging any more than we can spot reduce fat.

So what do we do? We lift, that’s what. The question is, what do we lift?

Let’s look at the basics of a facelift, for starters. It is a common misconception that facelift surgery lifts the whole face. Not so. A facelift is limited to the lower part of the face; no eyes or forehead rejuvenation here. What does get treated with a facelift is the cheek area, the jawline and chin, and the underside of the chin. The lower face is rejuvenated by carefully pulling tissue up and back and trimming away extra tissue. If necessary, pockets of fat may be removed or repositioned to widen the mid-face and narrow the lower face.

Why would one need a neck lift when a facelift does so much? Remember, the neck reveals the lies your face is telling. Neck lift surgery improves the tightness of the muscles and skin below the jawline. This technique can reposition or remove fatty deposits so the chin and jawline follow youthful contours; no more turkey neck.

There is no way to separate the neck from the face unless you plan on wearing turtlenecks á la Diane Keaton for the rest of your life. If you plan on a facial refresher with a customized facelift, consult with a plastic surgeon who will also observe how the two areas interact.

We want you to obtain the look you want in the way that works best for you. To explore options for facial rejuvenation, call our Hazleton or Pottsville office.

Know What a Facelift Will and Will Not Do

Facelift Hazleton, PA

Facelift Hazleton, PA The first facelift was performed more than 100 years ago. During the early Twentieth Century, this procedure was typically done in secret due to the perception that surgery was meant for clinical use only. As techniques for tightening and lifting saggy skin caught on, though, the facelift began a long journey through history.

As with many innovative ideas, facelift surgery has been a technique that could use some fine-tuning. Over the years, this has been achieved. However, because some of the most publicized facelifts have been examples of what not to do, there are still some pretty significant misconceptions about this procedure. We want to clear them up by outlining a few details regarding what a facelift will and will not do.

  • A facelift will not alter your natural appearance so much that you don’t look like yourself. This is a tricky misconception because, as we mentioned, there is clear evidence that confirms the idea that a facelift can make you look unnatural. Even singer Kenny Rogers had said that he was not happy with the results of a botched eyelid surgery that changed his appearance. The key here is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has an abundance of before and after images of personal clients whom he or she has treated.
  • A facelift will slow your aging process. Of course, your skin will continue to age after a facelift. However, because your procedure will rejuvenate your face significantly, you will continue to look several years younger than you would otherwise. Fifty really is the new Forty!
  • Facelift surgery recovery will be easier than you think. Many people assume that the recovery period after facelift surgery is quite painful. It’s not. We might say that healing looks worse than it is. This is because the manipulation of deep tissue results in bruising and swelling. These side effects can be decreased with compression and ice, if approved by your surgeon. After seven to ten days, swelling and bruising diminish dramatically. After two weeks, you can return to work looking like you’ve had a brief but relaxing vacation.
  • A facelift will not rejuvenate the eyes or brows. The mid-face and jawline are the two primary areas that improve after a facelift. However, the results of surgical lifting can be enhanced with a BOTOX brow lift, dermal fillers for eye rejuvenation, or lip augmentation.

Learn the facts about facelift surgery in consultation with our experienced team. Contact our Hazleton or Pottsville office for a convenient appointment.

Facelift: Check. Now What?

Facelift PottsvilleHave you recently restored youthful beauty to your face with a surgical lift? Is this procedure in your future? In either situation, you have an important task ahead of you. That task is supporting your newly lifted and tightened skin. A facelift can take you back in time, aesthetically speaking, up to 15 years, but aging is not an unstoppable process. What you do after a facelift, though, can lengthen the lifespan of your results. We want to point out just how easy this can be . . .

  1. Practice a little savvy. As it pertains to your skin, that savvy should revolve around the use of sunscreen. We hear so much about sun protection that the brain can get overloaded, and then forget the important details. Here they are: apply 30 SPF broad-spectrum every day. Every. Day. Also, apply 30 minutes before you go into the sun. Waiting until you hit the beach or pool deck means you will sustain UV damage. Finally, apply sunscreen every few hours for optimal protection.
  2. Develop a practice to manage stress. Stress is directly associated with premature aging. The reason is that our very DNA changes under stress. Telomeres, which support the cells throughout the body, including the skin, become short in the stressed-out person, leading to cellular damage and death.
  3. Develop a plan with your esthetician. Like sunscreen, daily cleansers and moisturizers make a big difference in how your skin ages. It isn’t enough to find an affordable product, you need to understand your skin’s unique needs and find products that serve them well.
  4. Develop a plan with your surgeon. The med-spa at Keystone Cosmetic Surgery Center offers an extensive menu of services that tighten and brighten the skin. Taking advantage of collagen-inducing treatments like micro needling, laser treatments, or skin peels can enhance the beauty of your skin through the ages.

Reputable cosmetic surgeons are performing more facelifts than in previous years due to the extended life expectancy of the current Baby Boomer population. We love helping our patients obtain and maintain the beauty they deserve. To learn more about facelifts and facial rejuvenation treatments, call us in Pottsville or Hazleton.

Let’s get Up Close and Personal with the Facelift Procedure

Facelift Procedures Hazleton and Pottsville, PAGetting up close and personal is something that most of us want to do. Self-consciousness about appearance can stand in the way of how we relate to others on a day to day basis. If the signs of aging have become a frustration that you notice every time you look in the mirror, we should talk. There are several ways to minimize concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, but the surgical facelift has always been the gold standard, and probably always will be. Here’s why . . .

While we can plump the cheeks with fillers or stem cells, and reduce wrinkles with other injectables, a surgical facelift addresses multiple concerns in a single session. Here, we will look at a few notable concerns that can be corrected during the facelift procedure.


Jowls. Those drooping sacks of tissue at the side of the jaw line. Once the skin starts to sag in this area, it can be hard to ignore. The correction of sagging jowls is actually one of the primary advantages of the surgical facelift. During the procedure, the ligament around which volume has accumulated is temporarily released so that the excess can be lifted, draped appropriately to renew the strong angle of the jaw.


When gravity starts to have more pull on weakened facial muscles and tissue, it all seems to go South. This includes the area beneath the chin. The double-chin is one of the common concerns that men and women express when they visit our office. While there are non-surgical treatments that may reduce the amount of fat in this crease between the chin and the neck, one must remember that fat-reduction is not the end of the story. There is also loose skin to consider, which we do in the surgical facelift.


The volume that is gained in the lower face is that which is lost in the roundness of the cheeks. To restore fullness, we may incorporate fat injections with the redraping of the superficial muscles across the mid-face. In so doing, support and volume are restored.

Refresh your facial aesthetic with help from your Pennsylvania plastic surgeon. Our offices in Hazleton and Pottsville conveniently serve patients from surrounding areas.


Facelift? Neck Lift? How Do They Compare?

Neck LiftThe facelift and the neck lift are two of the most effective, popular and successful cosmetic surgical procedures for changing the appearance of the aging face and neck. They are definitely self-esteem boosting, hands-of-time reversing procedures.

Both the facelift and the neck lift produce long-lasting, stunning results; both share similar degrees of invasiveness and recovery periods. Both result in significant improvements to saggy skin and weak muscles around the face and neck, and immediate reduction of the visible signs of aging. It’s a fact that the procedures are often combined into a single procedure which results in the amazing benefits of both.

  • There are various types of facelift surgeries. However, when plastic surgeons describe a facelift procedure they are generally referring to the technique of pulling up the skin at the cheeks, toward the forehead. Incisions are made primarily in front of the ear. The facelift focuses on improving the cheeks, lower face, jowls, and jawline. It reduces wrinkles and corrects sagging skin in those specific areas.
  • Neck lift surgery uses a technique that pulls excess skin under the chin, jawline, and jowls. Incisions are generally placed behind the ears and below the chin. A neck lift pulls the hanging skin under the chin, the jowls and the jawline. A neck lift corrects the area below the chin – common called the Turkey Neck.

Would you benefit from one or both of these procedures? To find out, try this:

  • To mimic a facelift, place your fingers at the top of your cheekbones and push your skin upward and back.
  • To mimic a neck lift, place your fingers below your jawline, outside your jaw, and push upward and back.

Keystone Cosmetic Surgery caters to the aesthetic and surgical needs of both men and women. We want to help you determine which life-changing, enhancing procedure would be best for you. Call, today, to schedule a consultation, and let Dr. Kimmel tell you more about face and neck lifts: Pottsville – (570) 622-2900; Hazleton – (570) 455-4252.

Thinking About A Facelift?

Face Lift How do you see yourself as you age? Having more candles on your birthday cake does not necessarily equate to feeling or acting older.

With the current awareness of healthy lifestyles, you may find that the best time of your life lies ahead. Statistics from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery show that facelifts are increasing in number every year – the facelift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the world. More men and women are considering a facelift as a way to rejuvenate their appearance.

Your face is one of the first areas of your body to become affected by gravity. Your neck and skin around it can also begin to sag. At Keystone Cosmetic Surgery wants to help you discover the key to a more youthful future. A facelift can counter the effects of gravity and the years of UV sun damage. Wrinkles and lines are smoothed, drooping folds are lifted…as you see time taking a step backwards.


  • Dr. Kimmel is a board certified plastic surgeon who consults with Pottsville and Hazleton clients who want results that will make them look younger and more in sync with how they feel on the inside.
  • Depending on each client’s requests, Dr. Kimmel may advise a combination of procedures to achieve the most enhancing results.
  • A facelift can tighten the skin of your cheeks, forehead and around your eyes.
  • A facelift can be done alone or may be paired with other procedures such as a forehead lift, eyelid surgery or nose reshaping. A neck lift paired with a facelift addresses the areas of your neck that may be sagging as well.
  • Dr. Kimmel’s goal is to provide his clients with the correction they desire and with a natural-looking result – as though they have returned from a vacation, not surgery.
  • At Keystone Cosmetic Surgery, facelifts are performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, in our nationally accredited surgical facility.
  • Recovery usually requires about two weeks.

Dr. Kimmel welcomes the opportunity to consult with you and assist you in achieving your surgery goals. Call to book a consultation appointment, today: Pottsville – (570) 622-2900; Hazleton – (570) 455-4252.

Facial Implants for a Beautiful You

shutterstock_6749944The shape of your face can make one of the best first impressions you’ve ever imagined. Certain facial features can also make patients more confident in their appearance which always makes a great first impression.

If you are seeking to improve the shape or overall appearance of your face, contact our office to learn more today. Facial implants can be used to enhance your facial shape and to balance any asymmetries in your face. Symmetry is widely known to be one of the most attractive features of a face. Asymmetry can occur naturally or also as a result of injury or facial trauma. Dr. Kimmel is experience at correcting facial asymmetry and providing your most balanced appearance ever.

Following a careful pre-operative facial assessment including precise measurements and radiologic evaluation, appropriate implants will be selected for your facial enhancement.  Implants can be precisely placed to augment a receding chin, add prominence to cheekbones or reshape a weak jawline.

In addition to cosmetic enhancement of facial features, implants can also be employed to correct certain birth defects or reconstruct facial features following traumatic injury or tumor removal.  Recovery time is generally brief, with patients resuming their usual activities within 3 to 5 days.

Contact our office to learn more today!

What is a Thread Lift?

Have the effects of gravity caused the delicate skin on your face to sag or wrinkle prematurely?  Do you desire cosmetic correction but need a procedure that offers shorter recovery times than traditional plastic surgery? Maybe it is time that you consider treatment with a thread lift.

shutterstock_241060018While many cosmetic surgery patients are not familiar with a thread lift – this type of cosmetic correction lifts the skin with sutures.  The procedure is minimally invasive and can be performed in office.  Thread lifting can be performed on the forehead, face, and neck. Because the procedure is less intense than traditional lifting surgeries, the recovery time is significantly shorter.

Basically, the procedure involves using specialized sutures to re-suspend your face’s skin. The sutures are laced through the tissue below the skin offering dramatic improvement.  By restoring youthful facial contours, thread lifting can improve your overall outlook by enhancing self-confidence.

Contact our office today to learn more about how thread lifting can make you look and feel better than ever.

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