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Category Archives: Mommy Makeovers

Planning Your Mommy Makeover Part II: What to Expect After Surgery

In our last post, we discussed some of the steps you can take to prepare for your mommy makeover procedure. In addition to preparation steps, another common question that patients have is what they can expect during their recovery. Seeing that a mommy makeover involves multiple surgical techniques, it makes sense that many patients will feel slightly uneasy as their surgery approaches. We find that, when recovery is explained, there is a lot less stress and a lot more excitement surrounding surgery.

After a Mommy Makeover

  1. Don’t expect to remember your surgery day. The anesthesia administered during surgery will take a few hours, at least, to wear off. Before it does, you will likely take your first dose of prescription medication to help you stay comfortable. We advise patients to expect to sleep most of the first day. When possible, though, it is important to move a little to keep blood circulation optimal.
  2. Eat a light diet and drink plenty of clear fluids. Think soup, salads, and snacks. Water is your best friend after surgery and may be enhanced with fruit, tea, and maybe a morning cup of coffee. Diet tips may be included in your post-operative instructions. Sticking to a lighter diet, especially one that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, may help to offset constipation that may occur as a side effect of pain medication.
  3. Expect back pain. When a mommy makeover includes abdominoplasty, as it usually does, the stomach muscles will feel very tight for the first week. It will likely be impossible to stand up straight. Walking, sitting, and lying in a somewhat bent position can put a bit of strain on the low back. Over time, as the muscles loosen (in a week or two), it will be possible to stand and walk normally. Gentle massage or heat on the low back may be administered to improve comfort.
  4. Expect a bit of an emotional roller coaster. This is a big one. The combination of the physical aspects of surgery, medication, and post-operative discomfort makes most patients a little more emotional than normal. Some patients experience vast changes in their emotional state within a few minutes, ranging from ecstatic that they will have a great body to crying over the fact that they need help to the bathroom. Knowing that these emotions are all normal is an important step in moving through them with more ease.
  5. Don’t skip your meds. It’s possible that the worst thing you can do after a mommy makeover is to skip your pain medication. The pain of multiple surgeries can be intense and is not something to tackle naturally. We suggest setting an alarm so you and your caregiver can ensure your pain medications are taken on time every time. Rest assured, in a week or two you will not need these medications. Until then, take them as directed.

The team in our Pottsville and Hazleton offices has done this before. Many times. We’ve got you covered with assistance before and after your mommy makeover. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Planning Your Mommy Makeover Part I: Pre-Op Preparations

Mommy Makeovers Hazleton, PA

It is no secret that pregnancy and motherhood change a woman in more ways than one. As a reputable plastic surgery practice, we help women address the physical aspects of their body that they want to regain. Mommy makeover treatment is popular for several reasons. One is that the series of procedures involved in the process is completely customized to each patient. The list goes on and on but it does not answer common questions patients have, like how to make the most of their treatment process. This month, we will thoroughly discuss this topic, starting with pre-operative preparations.

Before Your Mommy Makeover

Research several plastic surgeons, then whittle your list down to two or three. Schedule a consultation with each and ask all of your questions. Consider the comfort you feel with each physician, their experience with mommy makeovers, and the feedback you get from other patients in the form of testimonials or direct contact.

Once you have selected your surgeon:

  1. Stop smoking. In fact, stop using all forms of nicotine if possible. Nicotine restricts blood flow, and blood flow is necessary for optimal healing.
  2. Talk with your doctor about prescriptions, supplements, vitamins, and even recreational drugs you use. It is vital that your surgeon know your full health history in order to avoid unnecessary risks during your procedure and recovery.
  3. Stock up. Specifically, patients are advised to fill their post-operative prescriptions before their surgery takes place. This alleviates any stress related to taking medications on time.
  4. Prepare the support team. It may take more than one person to fulfill your normal duties. Start assembling a support team well before surgery. Prepare them (and yourself) for the extent of help you will need as you recover. For the first week or two after surgery, you will need help getting out of bed. You will need someone to cook, care for kids or pets, and handle chores like taking out the trash. You may need someone to administer your pain medication for at least a few days, and don’t forget about your need for good company.
  5. Arrange for about two weeks off. The majority of healing occurs within seven to ten days. Having a few extra days to regain optimal energy can further promote the good feelings around your mommy makeover.
  6. Think about comfort. We won’t diminish the need for comfort during recovery after a mommy makeover. The physical toll of surgery can affect your emotions, so you want your recovery space, your home, to be as cozy and replenishing as possible. Get a soft blanket for your bed. Add a few fluffy pillows. Amass entertainment in all forms, music, movies, magazines, and more.

Mommy makeover treatment offers numerous benefits for patients who want to feel great about their body. In our next post, we will discuss more about what to expect after your mommy makeover. For more information, schedule a consultation in our Pottsville or Hazleton office.

Facts You Need to Know about Mommy Makeover Treatment

Mommy Makeovers Hazleton, PA At Keystone Cosmetic Surgery Center, we get a great deal of satisfaction from helping our patients feel like their best selves. In most instances, it doesn’t take much to achieve this. Even the treatment that has become known as a mommy makeover can be extremely simple in the greater context of bringing out the best in a person’s body. Here we offer five facts about mommy makeover treatment that you may not know.

  1.    A mommy makeover is not reserved only for mothers.

The term mommy makeover is commonly used to describe a group of procedures that restore tone and shape to the areas that change during pregnancy, such as the breasts and stomach. However, procedures such as breast lift or augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty can benefit many people, not just those who have had children.

  1.    Mommy makeover treatment isn’t just about breasts and stomach.

When you want to feel better about your appearance and plastic surgery is the answer, there are numerous techniques that may be employed. Yes, breast augmentation and lifting, tummy tucks, and liposuction are common to the mommy makeover. However, patients may also choose to incorporate techniques such as a thigh or arm lift or even facial procedures into their customized treatment plan.

  1.    Non-surgical treatments can be included in a mommy makeover.

While surgery is beneficial for a number of reasons, patients undergoing a makeover may also choose certain nonsurgical techniques to achieve maximum effect. These include laser or light treatments to reduce hyperpigmentation on the face or other areas, Liposonix to melt away small pockets of fat, and even injectables like Botox, dermal fillers, or Kybella to refresh the face.

  1.    You don’t have to feel guilty for wanting a mommy makeover.

It is a beautiful thing to bring new life into the world. It is possible to revel in being a mother and also desire a do-over for your body. Our team works with women of all ages to customize treatment to meet their needs and goals for a body that portrays who they are on the inside. Undergoing a mommy makeover means taking a couple of weeks to focus on your own recovery, after which point you are able to fully reengage in mommy-hood with a new sense of confidence.

Schedule a Mommy Makeover Consultation

Keystone Cosmetic Surgery Center has offices in Pottsville and Hazleton. Contact us to schedule your consultation to discuss what a mommy makeover can do for you.

Did you Know a Mommy Makeover Could Do This?

Mommy Makeovers Hazleton, PA

Mommy Makeovers Hazleton, PAIf you have children, you know the highs and lows of motherhood well. On the one hand, your children can bring you immense joy with nothing more than a smile. On the other hand, your body may have changed in ways you could have never predicted. A Mommy Makeover can resolve issues that linger long after delivery and breastfeeding. The procedure can restore a smoother, flatter belly and roundness to the breasts.

Most women know how their body can change after a Mommy Makeover. This is precisely why this process is so popular. Reshaping the body is one thing, but a Mommy Makeover can also reshape a woman’s life.

  • New wardrobe. After undergoing a Mommy Makeover, many of our patients enjoy getting to reshape their wardrobe. Some items that were comfortable before surgery simply no longer serve the body. Shapeless clothing may be tossed and exchanged for items that are much better at accentuating a woman’s new shape. Do all women make over their closets to sport only body-conscious clothing? Absolutely not. Every woman is unique in her choices. The point is she is finally free to make them.
  • New outlook. Perhaps one of the most meaningful benefits of a Mommy Makeover is the way a woman’s outlook on life changes. The very act of undergoing a Mommy Makeover demonstrates a woman’s ability to give her own needs the priority they deserve. As a result, many patients say they feel like better mothers, spouses, and friends.
  • New lifestyle. Patients are not encouraged to believe that cosmetic surgery can make them confident because it can’t. However, it can make a person more confident. A Mommy Makeover, in particular, has a way of boosting a woman’s desire to eat even better and take the best possible care of her body through exercise and rest. These lifestyle changes don’t just maintain the results of the body makeover, but they support long-term health and wellness.

The Mommy Makeover process is a personalized treatment plan based on your needs and objectives. Learn more about how your Mommy Makeover can look. Call our Hazleton or Pottsville office to schedule your visit.

Want Independence from your Baby Body? Let’s Talk Contouring Options!

Mommy Makeovers Hazleton, PAMotherhood is an exciting – albeit busy – endeavor. Raising children is a never-ending, amazing task, and only one aspect of the totality of being a mother. Women are also maintaining their relationships, professional success, and trying to throw in a bit of self-care wherever they can. Often, it is that self-care that gets the short end of the stick.

On one hand of mothering, there is the sheer joy of the love within the family. On the other hand, there are the cosmetic concerns a woman may struggle with as a result of biological changes.

  • We often think of breast changes related to breastfeeding. However, tissue changes usually begin during pregnancy. Some women gain as much as a cup size due to additional fat storage and the expansion of milk glands. The additional volume may linger for several months, especially when breastfeeding, but tends to deflate over time.
  • Fat stores. It is natural and necessary for fat stores to increase to support healthy fetal development. Where and how much fat the body holds is only partially related to diet and exercise habits during pregnancy. After giving birth, some women continue to struggle with stubborn fat that just doesn’t want to leave the body.
  • The abdominal muscles are made to stretch to accommodate a growing fetus. At some point, though, too much is just too much. Some women experience stretching to such an extent that muscle structure cannot be restored without surgery.

Body Contouring Techniques for a Beautiful Post-Pregnancy Body

Most women have heard of the Mommy Makeover, a series of surgeries that restore curves to the right places. A Mommy Makeover is a customized treatment protocol that may involve surgical and non-surgical therapies such as:

  • Breast Augmentation to restore fullness and height to the breasts.
  • Liposuction for targeted fat removal. Common areas include the abdomen, flanks, hips, and thighs.
  • Tummy tuck surgery corrects the separation that may affect the abdominal wall. This surgery also tightens skin that has become saggy and thin due to stretching.
  • Velashape® is a non-surgical body contouring treatment based on elos technology, which slims, tightens, and can even reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Liposonix® is body contouring using high-intensity focused ultrasound to heat excess fatty deposits to such an extent that the body metabolizes them over a few months’ time. The procedure feels warm but is not described as uncomfortable by most patients.

You can have a Mom Bod that you love. Learn more about our body contouring treatments by contacting our Pottsville or Hazleton office.

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