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Neck Lift Surgery: Are You a Candidate?

The signs of aging are inevitable but something we try to avoid as much as possible. Usually, when we notice them, we’re looking at the face. The skin around the eyes gets thin and develops fine lines. Creases form around the nose and mouth. These are problems that can be addressed with injectables, plastic surgery, or other modalities. But they aren’t the only problems that occur with age. Look a little farther South and you may notice that your neck has also changed quite a bit. If you focus only on the face when planning rejuvenating treatments, you miss an opportunity to achieve optimal improvements. Here, we discuss how a neck lift works and how to know if you may be a candidate for this procedure.

What a Neck Lift Does

The neck lift procedure reduces excess sagging skin that has become thin and crepey. Sometimes, the neck also develops a little excess fatty tissue, making it look like a “turkey neck.” During a neck lift, liposuction may be done to remove the moderate layer of fat beneath the skin. The skin is then pulled upward to reveal younger-looking contouring and angles along the jawline. The surgeon trims the excess skin so these angles become the new norm. Neck lift surgery is minimally-invasive, performed through small, discreet incisions. It is sometimes combined with facelift surgery or other procedures.

Who is a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Historically, plastic surgery has been perceived as more popular among women. This is no longer an accurate portrayal. Neck lift surgery is very popular among men whose skin and tissue have become loose and saggy. Men with extra fat and skin in the neck area often complain that dress shirts are uncomfortable and tight around the neck. Either that or they feel self-conscious about the way excess skin sits along the rim of the neckline. The neck lift procedure offers significant benefits for men and women of all ages who are troubled by a lack of firmness and contouring in this area.

If your neck is one of the first places your eyes go when you look in the mirror, you may be a good candidate for a neck lift. The best way to determine your path to a better you is to consult with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Contact our Pottsville or Hazleton office to schedule a visit with us.

Facelift or Neck Lift: Is that Really the Question?

Neck Lift Pottsville, PAThere are so many terms tossed about today to describe facial rejuvenation. There is the facelift, a mid-face lift, thread lifts, neck lift surgery, the MACS lift and so much more than the array of choices could quickly cause overwhelm. The thing is, it is virtually impossible for the average person to come to an educated decision about which type of facial rejuvenation is right for them simply by looking online. The connectedness of the face and neck only makes this more difficult.

Actress and writer Nora Ephron penned, “You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old it is, but you wouldn’t if it had a neck.” Does this speak to you? Do you, like Ephron, realize that your neck tells the truth about your age no matter how consistently you get Botox and dermal fillers? The fact is, we can’t spot treat aging any more than we can spot reduce fat.

So what do we do? We lift, that’s what. The question is, what do we lift?

Let’s look at the basics of a facelift, for starters. It is a common misconception that facelift surgery lifts the whole face. Not so. A facelift is limited to the lower part of the face; no eyes or forehead rejuvenation here. What does get treated with a facelift is the cheek area, the jawline and chin, and the underside of the chin. The lower face is rejuvenated by carefully pulling tissue up and back and trimming away extra tissue. If necessary, pockets of fat may be removed or repositioned to widen the mid-face and narrow the lower face.

Why would one need a neck lift when a facelift does so much? Remember, the neck reveals the lies your face is telling. Neck lift surgery improves the tightness of the muscles and skin below the jawline. This technique can reposition or remove fatty deposits so the chin and jawline follow youthful contours; no more turkey neck.

There is no way to separate the neck from the face unless you plan on wearing turtlenecks á la Diane Keaton for the rest of your life. If you plan on a facial refresher with a customized facelift, consult with a plastic surgeon who will also observe how the two areas interact.

We want you to obtain the look you want in the way that works best for you. To explore options for facial rejuvenation, call our Hazleton or Pottsville office.

There’s More than One Way to Beat a Double-Chin

Neck Lift Hazleton, PAOne of the concerns that have historically been difficult to address has been excessive fatty tissue in the submental region. This is also known as the double-chin. What is interesting about this particular cosmetic problem is that there have been solutions available for many years. It has only been recently, with the development of Kybella, that we have begun to talk more about the pressing issue of submental fullness and how a double-chin can affect a person’s sense of well-being. Of course, we now know that a few treatment sessions of injections with Kybella can wipe out a double-chin. But there are also advantages to surgery for double-chin correction. We want to talk about them here.

Submental Liposuction

When we mention surgery for a double-chin, it is the neck lift that may first come to mind. In reality, liposuction may be what is recommended. Liposuction is the procedure of manual fat extraction using tumescent fluid and gentle suction through a tiny cannula, or tube. Submental liposuction is often performed in an outpatient surgery center using local anesthesia. General anesthesia may be used if adjunct procedures, such as neck or facelift surgery, will also be performed.

Submental liposuction involves the introduction of tumescent fluid into the fatty tissue under the chin. This fluid is delivered through a discreet incision at the natural crease of the chin. Tumescent fluid not only helps to break up fat cells, but it also contains numbing medication to facilitate comfort, as well as ingredients to minimize bleeding and post-surgery bruising. Through the same small incision, fat cells are extracted. Following incision closure, a compression garment may be applied to support tissue healing and minimize swelling.

Neck Lift

Liposuction isn’t always enough to achieve the best possible outcome for the person with a double-chin. In some instances, we also need to look at how to address loose and sagging skin. Removing fat can make this problem appear worse, so we may suggest tissue tightening with the neck lift technique. This procedure usually involves general anesthesia. Incisions are made behind the ears and at the crease of the chin, where they can be hidden. Through these incisions, a tissue is repositioned and excised as needed to achieve a younger-looking neck and chin.

A double-chin isn’t something you have to live with. We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options to patients of our offices near Philadelphia, Reading, and Allentown, and surrounding area. Contact an office near you for more information.

Facelift? Neck Lift? How Do They Compare?

Neck LiftThe facelift and the neck lift are two of the most effective, popular and successful cosmetic surgical procedures for changing the appearance of the aging face and neck. They are definitely self-esteem boosting, hands-of-time reversing procedures.

Both the facelift and the neck lift produce long-lasting, stunning results; both share similar degrees of invasiveness and recovery periods. Both result in significant improvements to saggy skin and weak muscles around the face and neck, and immediate reduction of the visible signs of aging. It’s a fact that the procedures are often combined into a single procedure which results in the amazing benefits of both.

  • There are various types of facelift surgeries. However, when plastic surgeons describe a facelift procedure they are generally referring to the technique of pulling up the skin at the cheeks, toward the forehead. Incisions are made primarily in front of the ear. The facelift focuses on improving the cheeks, lower face, jowls, and jawline. It reduces wrinkles and corrects sagging skin in those specific areas.
  • Neck lift surgery uses a technique that pulls excess skin under the chin, jawline, and jowls. Incisions are generally placed behind the ears and below the chin. A neck lift pulls the hanging skin under the chin, the jowls and the jawline. A neck lift corrects the area below the chin – common called the Turkey Neck.

Would you benefit from one or both of these procedures? To find out, try this:

  • To mimic a facelift, place your fingers at the top of your cheekbones and push your skin upward and back.
  • To mimic a neck lift, place your fingers below your jawline, outside your jaw, and push upward and back.

Keystone Cosmetic Surgery caters to the aesthetic and surgical needs of both men and women. We want to help you determine which life-changing, enhancing procedure would be best for you. Call, today, to schedule a consultation, and let Dr. Kimmel tell you more about face and neck lifts: Pottsville – (570) 622-2900; Hazleton – (570) 455-4252.

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