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How to Know Your Rhinoplasty was Successful

Rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure that reshapes the nose to fit more harmoniously on the face. The objective of a nose job is to make the nose blend in better with surrounding facial features. Sometimes, there is a need for structural modifications to enable the patient to breathe more easily. The aesthetic and functional results achieved in this procedure are the hallmarks of its success.

Rhinoplasty surgery can dramatically improve:

  • Bridge width
  • Bridge profile, by reducing bumps
  • Nostril shape, size, and position
  • Nasal symmetry
  • The shape of the nasal tip, by correcting slant and size

Rhinoplasty procedures may be performed using an open or closed technique. This should be determined based on the structure of the nose and the desired changes, not based on the idea that closed rhinoplasty offers an easier recovery. Both forms of rhinoplasty heal nicely with only short-term discomfort. Rather than focus on incision placement, patients should look at the signs of successful rhinoplasty as:

  • For centuries, facial symmetry has been an indicator of overall beauty. It is a particularly important goal in rhinoplasty. Because the nose projects from the face more so than any other facial feature, symmetry is noticed both straight-on and in profile.
  • When faced with an either/or situation, a reputable surgeon will choose to preserve optimal breathing over cosmetic improvement. Just before the turn of the century, it was quite normal for rhinoplasty patients to have difficulty breathing after their procedure. This was due to overzealous removal of cartilage, resulting in the collapse of the sides of the nose during inhalation. To reduce this risk, surgeons sculpt the nose more conservatively.
  • Facial Harmony. When the nose “fits” the face, it demands just the right amount of attention. The eye is not drawn directly to the nose, but is free to scan all facial features equally.
  • Discreet scarring. This is not a matter of open vs. closed rhinoplasty. Experienced surgeons observe the skin and its potential for visible scarring and make incisions in curves or creases in which scars can disappear. A nose that fits is a nose that looks natural.

We respect the individuality of each of our patients and reflect this in our personalized approach to rhinoplasty and other procedures. To schedule a consultation, call our Pottsville or Hazleton office.


Adolescence. Definitely a trying time – filled with insecurities, frustrations and worries about being accepted and fitting in.

Each teenager is unique…each affected differently with the challenges adolescence brings.

Fact: Along with total body changes and crazy hormonal invasions, adolescence brings facial changes.

  • The nose changes shape and enlarges, giving way to what some teens call a “big nose,” just another thing thing to be self-conscious about. The sinuses also grow, enlarging the face, and in boys, the jaw.

Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty surgery, or getting a “nose job,” is very personalized, and one of the most demanding and complex of all cosmetic surgery procedures, especially for teens. It can make a big difference in how a young person looks and subsequently, how they feel about themselves. It can be a self-esteem game changer.

A note of caution: Surgical procedures on the teenage nose before its growth has stabilized may result in un-wanted nasal changes and a disruption of facial growth. Therefore, timing is critical.

  • Ideally, teens should have reached both physical and emotional maturity before proceeding with surgery. The best time is around the age of 16 for girls and after age 17 or 18 for boys. If there is a congenital defect or post-traumatic deformity that causes breathing problems, surgery may be done earlier.
  • This surgery is irreversible and teens must understand the significance of their decision. The nose is located in the center of their face…their appearance will be altered forever.
  • As a parent, it is normal to be nervous, worried and uncertain as you determine what is best for your child. The majority of teenagers who undergo rhinoplasty report high levels of satisfaction.

If you are a teen considering rhinoplasty surgery, it is important to discuss it with your parents. If everyone agrees that rhinoplasty is the best option, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Kimmel, who will discuss the procedure with you, answer your questions and determine if you would be a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery.

Call us for a consultation, today!

What to Expect During Rhinoplasty Recovery

Dr. Robert Kimmel is well trained and highly experienced at the surgical procedure known as rhinoplasty. Also called a “nose job,” rhinoplasty procedures are used to correct the shape of the nose, change its position or projection and also make medically necessary improvements to your nose.

Rhinoplasty can be used to change the shape of the bridge of the nose, making it more narrow, or eliminate bumps and ridges. It can also be used to change the projection of the tip of your nose, either pointing it more upward or downward or correct a crooked nose tip.

These procedures are typically not covered by health insurance. However, if you are in need of a nose job in order to correct a deviated septum or other breathing issue it is very likely that your insurance will cover all or a portion of your surgery.

A rhinoplasty only takes a couple of hours to perform in our office. You’ll be able to go home right afterward but should expect several weeks of recovery. You’ll be asked to wear a splint on your nose for a week or two and will also have to pack your nose in order to support its new shape. Your scars will be located in the creases alongside your nostrils so in most instances they will not be visible, although the incision will take several days to heal.

You should expect your nose to be bruised and swollen for weeks following your surgery. With each passing day the appearance of your nose will improve and its new shape will begin to reveal itself over time. However, it may take six months for your full results to be apparent.

If you would like to change the shape of your nose, improve your breathing or make other corrections, contact Dr. Kimmel today to learn more about rhinoplasty surgery.

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