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Jowls are a Correctable Problem

skin-tightening PottsvilleAs we add more candles to our birthday cake, we add many happy memories to our life. Our accomplishments become many, as do our gray hairs and wrinkles. While most of us would say we wouldn’t trade our life experience for a thing, many express a desire to do away with some of the physical changes ushered in by time. Often, it is problems like crow’s feet and drooping brows that get all the attention. At Keystone Cosmetic Surgery Center, we understand that aging has widespread effects. Here, we want to discuss what happens along the jaw line and what you can do about it.

Jowls are Just a Symptom

It seems as though the sagging sacks of tissue that droop from the sides of the face are a primary problem. When they become obvious, an obsession with erasing them may develop. But we cannot focus on the problem without looking a little farther out. Jowls do not just form over time; they are the result of a problem higher on the face.

From our twenties onward, most of us start losing collagen. This is because the body doesn’t produce as much as it once did, and existing strands of this protein become tired and weak from holding up the skin. UV damage, stress, smoking, alcohol, and several other factors also work against poor collagen as it tries to keep skin firm and supple. By the time we reach our forties or fifties, the lack of support across the cheeks has led to “falling,” and this means jowls.

Moving on . . .

We could sit around and bemoan our bad luck (or bad genes), or we can move onward and upward. To reduce the appearance of jowls, we focus on restoring the support given to connective tissue and skin in the mid-face area. This may involve:

  • Adding volume and contour to the cheeks with dermal fillers or fat (fat transfer).
  • Encouraging ongoing collagen production, which tightens the skin, through laser or radio frequency devices.
  • Manually draping the skin and tissue that has lost resiliency in the surgical facelift procedure.

Patients choose Keystone Cosmetic Surgery Center to receive care from an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon who values high-quality service. Call our office in Hazleton or Pottsville to learn more about skin-tightening.

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