Consider a Breast Lift Today

It is not uncommon for women to become frustrated with the appearance of their aging breasts.  Age and gravity can take its toll on the delicate tissue of the breasts by causing them to sag and lose volume over time.   Additionally, younger women may also become dissatisfied with the shape and condition of their breast tissue following activities such as pregnancy, breast feeding or a sudden weight loss.

For these patients we are proud to offer mastopexy surgery, more commonly known as a breast lift. This surgery does not increase the size of the breasts as a breast augmentation or implant surgery would – however it can be used to elevate and tighten the breast tissue. This surgery is perfect for those women who seek natural looking results and a more youthful silhouette – without implants.

breast-liftA breast lift can also be used to adjust breast position, asymmetry, or to resize or align the areolae. For patients who are also concerned about the size of their breasts, the surgery can be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation surgery.

It is advised that patients not undergo a breast lift surgery until their breasts have completely developed or after all expected pregnancies and breastfeeding plans have concluded.

If you’re ready for new confidence and lift to your silhouette, contact our office today for a breast lift consultation.

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