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Cosmetic Treatments for Rejuvenated Masculine Features

The word “cosmetic” has nearly always been associated with women. Women wear cosmetics, or makeup. For many years, the primary belief was that plastic surgery was also “for women.” This is no longer the predominant thought. As aesthetic medicine has evolved to include less invasive techniques and more natural looking outcomes, the number of men undergoing various procedures and treatments has increased. In 2019 alone, that number was over 1 million. We expect it to continue to climb as men realize there is nothing “girly” about cosmetic treatments, nor their outcomes. Here, we discuss some of the most common aesthetic procedures for men

Facial Rejuvenation 

Many adults become interested in facial rejuvenation procedures as the signs of aging worsen. The goal of treatment is to achieve a more youthful appearance without diminishing the uniqueness of a person’s natural structural features. 

Blepharoplasty for Men

Eyelid rejuvenation has been one of the leading plastic surgery procedures for the past several years. This minimally-invasive surgery may be performed in an outpatient surgery center or the surgeon’s office. It is often performed comfortably using local anesthesia and a mild sedative. Patients need very little downtime after their surgery and are typically ready to go back to work within 2 weeks. Blepharoplasty must be performed carefully for the best results. For men, the blepharoplasty incision may be made slightly different. Skin tightening is also conservative, if done at all after the excision of excess tissue. 

Injectables for Men

Botox and dermal fillers make up the bulk of cosmetic injectable treatments. These techniques are popular because they are conservative, temporary, and convenient. Treatment must be repeated every few months to two years, depending on the product used. To address the signs of aging in men, injectors often use dermal fillers conservatively. Though men’s skin is thicker and may require a higher dose of product, their requests are often for minimal contouring. Our approach to injectables is to tailor dosing to the skin as well as the desired outcome so our patients can enjoy a rejuvenated look that appears completely natural. 

Body Procedures 

Body contouring procedures, like facial procedures, are slightly different for men than women.

Liposuction for Men

Stubborn fat is a frustrating problem that can affect men as easily as it does women. While men tend to find it easier to build muscle thanks to their extra testosterone, mid-life brings changes that can lead to excess fat in various areas. Liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure performed in an outpatient surgical center or in-office operative. Patients often need only local anesthetic for optimal comfort. Where people often associate liposuction with abdominal fat, men often seek this procedure to remove unwanted fat from the neck and chin areas. 


Somewhat less common than liposuction, abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that can give a man back the flat, firm midsection he once had. The tummy tuck removes a moderate layer of fatty tissue (anything more requires liposuction) and it trims excess skin that has become loose and saggy. With just a few weeks of recovery, abdominoplasty offers an outcome that can last indefinitely.

Cosmetic treatments can restore a sense of confidence and satisfaction. Contact our Pottsville or Hazleton office for more information about cosmetic treatments for men.

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