Eliminate Unwanted Fat with Liposonix

Every year millions of Americans struggle with the elimination of unwanted body fat. Even those patients who stick to strict diets and work out regimes still struggle with stubborn pockets of fat. These areas can appear as your metabolism changes with age or following life altering events such as recovery from an injury or pregnancy.

liposuctionIf you find that you are one of those people that simple cannot lose pockets of fat around your midsection, on your chest, thighs or back – maybe it is time to consider permanent treatment. Liposonix offers a unique and safe alternative to liposuction.

Comfortably performed in our office, Liposonix is nonsurgical treatment. Rather than making incisions into your skin and jabbing your tissues with a cannula, Liposonix employs ultrasound technology to permanently destroy unwanted fat cells, leaving the overlying skin unharmed.  Treatment lasts about one hour and leaves most patients an entire dress or pant size smaller.

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