Feel Like Your Old Self Again With a Mommy Makeover

Does your new baby have you feeling excited and joyful, but also a bit out of shape? It is very common for new mothers to feel like they’ve lost the firmness and youthful contours of their pre-pregnancy body. Some mothers feel satisfied with how their shape has bounced back but are still bothered by stretch marks or sagging breasts after months of breast feeding.

If you have experienced any combination of these changes in your body and would like a solution to stubborn fat deposits, stretch marks or sagging skin and breasts consider contacting Dr. Robert Kimmel today. While diet and exercise are extremely important in staying fit – there are some conditions that the gym with not sure. For these areas Dr. Kimmel is proud to offer what is called a mommy makeover.

A mommy makeover combines two or more cosmetic procedures to help mothers bring their bodies back to a slim and youthful shape. The most common procedures combined in a mommy makeover include: breast lifts or augmentations, tummy tucks or lipsuction, labioplasty, and even arm or neck lifts.

By combining procedures into one surgery you cannot only save money but also save precious moments away from your family.

If you have completed your child bearing activities, including breast feeding and are ready to feel and look like your old self again, contact Dr. Robert Kimmel today to learn more about a mommy makeover.

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