Filling out the Face: Fillers or Fat?

Age provides us with better knowledge of ourselves and others. It gives us the opportunity to look back on happy memories and accomplishments. It also means we have had more time to recognize a few adversaries. Interestingly enough, age is the enemy when it comes to unwelcome changes in appearance. Loose skin, sagging eyebrows, and a disappearing jawline are all effects of the aging process that we cannot run from. That being said, we can manage them. The only question is “how?”

Fine-Tuning the Face

Many of the men and women who seek treatment for cosmetic concerns express an interest in dermal fillers. It’s true that these natural or synthetic products can do a lot of good for aging skin. And if you are new to the anti-aging game, natural fillers based on hyaluronic acid may be optimal. You get to see how filler products can work without making a long-term commitment to the outcome of care. Even synthetic fillers are only temporary, though they can last months longer than natural fillers.

When you’re Ready for More

Patients who have relied on injectables for some time may be ready for something more permanent, and they can get it. More than getting the outcome they want, they get it in a safe, efficient manner: fat injections. Fat has made a grand entrance on the aesthetic scene in recent years. Cells that are unwanted in one part of the body really can be extracted and used someplace else. Genius! Jokes have been made about this process for years, and now we see it in action in a very good way.

Fat injection treatments number over 500,000 yearly. The process involves fat extraction through a gentle liposuction procedure, usually requiring only local anesthetic and mild sedation. The cells that are captured are purified in a centrifuge before they are introduced into a part of the face that is in need of volume. This could be the cheeks, the temples, the lips, or lines and wrinkles.

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