Look Younger and More Fit with an Arm Lift

It is very common for the skin under our arms to lose its elasticity and to sag over time. This condition is concerning for both male and female patients who visit Dr. Kimmel’s office. The sagging of the skin under the arms can also be attributed to dramatic changes in weight or muscle loss, which is a common cause in male patients.

Sagging skin under the arms can be especially stubborn and may not be improved over hours and hours of exercise. Many patients come to our office after trying countless other avenues to correct their sagging underarm skin. Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift can help you quickly achieve a toned and firm appearance without the frustration.

A brachioplasty targets the excess skin in the area between the patient’s underarm and elbows. Brachioplasty can also be performed in combination with liposuction to remove excess fat and to help achieve a more toned arm contour. Otherwise, an arm lift will not eliminate fat from your arm.

An arm lift can be performed in just a couple of hours and you should be able to return home immediately with careful at home care instructions. You may experience swelling and even bruising after the procedure which should completely subside within a week or two of surgery as your arms’ new shape begins to reveal itself.

Don’t spend another day wishing that your arms looked more toned and youthful. Take an important step to dramatically improve your appearance and discuss an arm lift with Dr. Kimmel today.

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