Why Naturally Large Breasts May Not Be As Glamorous As You Think

Breast augmentation topped the list of the most frequently performed surgical plastic surgeries in 2012, majority of which employed silicone implants. It may be to conclude that most women nowadays are looking into increasing the size and appearance of their breasts based on recent statistics, it should be noted that there are also women who wish to have their excessively large breasts reduced.

 Here at our Hazleton cosmetic surgery practice, women with overly large breasts seek breast reduction surgery for the the following reasons:

  • neck, shoulder and back pain due to heavy breasts
  • soreness and irritation in the shoulder area resulting from bra straps digging through the skin
  • inflammation underneath the breast folds
  • restrictions or limitations of physical activities due to the massive weight and size of  breasts
  • self-consciousness and self-discomfort due to unwanted attention
  • poor posture

Through the removal of excess skin, fat, and breast tissue, breast reduction has been shown to significantly relieve the psychological and physical strains associated with overly large breasts. Here at our practice, we will reshape and reposition your breasts to for a more comfortable and proportionate bosom on your end.

If you are interested in undergoing breast reduction at the Keystone Surgery Center, your first step should be to learn everything you can about the surgery and your options. To be able to do this, an initial consultation with Dr. Kimmel should be in order! Call us at (570) 622-2900 or fill out this contact form. We look forward to your visit!

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