Post-Augmentation Exercise: Do This, not That!

Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation surgery is sought by a diverse group of women. Though the reasons for wanting to reshape and resize breasts differs from one person to another, one trait seems to be shared by a large majority of patients: the desire for fitness. Women of all ages are more physically active today than ever, choosing to stay fit with yoga, running, surfing, strength training, and many other choice activities. Physical exercise is a great way to stay healthy and fit. It is also something that will need to be considered carefully after breast augmentation surgery.

For a smooth recovery, we suggest that our patients:
?Commit to following instructions. Here is an interesting thing about recovery from breast augmentation: you may feel able to do more than you really should. Patients often say “I feel so good! Can’t I go to the gym just for a little workout?” No. That is, until you are cleared to do so. Your surgeon knows the details of your protocol and procedure. Exercise may be cleared a little at a time, and you need to trust the process of recovery.
?After your doctor, it is your body that knows best. When you do resume your physical workouts, pay close attention to your stamina, flexibility, and strength. There is nothing to gain by pushing yourself too hard as you acclimate to your new body. Remember, your implants are still settling, and tissues beneath the surface need months to fully heal. Taking it slow may mean a better recovery.
?A good sports bra can be the best thing you invest in after breast augmentation, so get a few. You may find that it is your favorite type of bra to wear in the gym and out of it. The support you get from a quality bra aids in healing.
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