Why You Should Quit Smoking When Considering Plastic Surgery

Smoking and its ill-effects are well-known — from heart disease to lung problems to various forms of cancer. Yet, did you know that smoking could actually affect the outcome of your plastic surgery? Here at our Pottsville cosmetic surgery practice, going cold turkey is included in our list of things that you need to do while preparing for plastic surgery. Read on below to learn why.

Why Smoking and Surgery Should Never Go Together

By and large, smoking reduces the amount of oxygen intake on a cellular level all over your body due to its constricting effect on blood vessels. The lesser oxygen you have, the lesser your chances of healing quick. It has been found out that smokers who were admitted for surgery (not just plastic surgery) tend to have longer hospital stays and more like to be readmitted for complications such as infection and pneumonia.

Specifically, the following effects of smoking on plastic surgery outcomes include the following:

  • delayed healing and prolonged recovery period
  • higher risk of infection than non-smokers
  • skin breakdown due to compromised circulation
  • scarring due to skin loss or necrosis 

Every so often, we recommend quitting the stick for at least 4 to 8 weeks prior to surgery. However, we understand that each patient has different medical backgrounds and heals at a different rate thus the need for an individualized surgical plan. Let us help you figure out the total length of time that you need to abstain from smoking through a personal consultation with Dr. Kimmel.

Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Kimmel by filling out this contact form. You can also reach us at (570)622-2900. We look forward to your visit!

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