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Understanding Moh’s surgery and reconstruction

What is Moh’s surgery?

Moh’s micrographic surgery is a precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer.  During Moh’s surgery, thin layers of cancer-containing skin are removed layer by layer and examined until only cancer-free tissue remains.

This surgery is performed by a surgeon trained in the Moh’s surgical technique.  The Moh’s surgeons close to our area are located in Allentown.

Why Moh’s surgery?

Moh’s surgery is performed in areas where you want to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible, such as around the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hairline, hands, and feet.  It is also the preferred method of surgery in areas that have a high risk of recurrence or have recurred, have borders that are hard to define and are large or aggressive.

What happens after Moh’s surgery?

After your Moh’s surgeon has cleared the area of concern from skin cancer, they will release you for the reconstructive portion of your surgery with Dr. Kimmel.

Your Moh’s reconstruction is scheduled for repair either the day of your Moh’s surgery or the day after Moh’s surgery.

This surgery is generally performed using monitored anesthesia care at our fully accredited, state licensed facility, Keystone Surgery Center.

What is Moh’s reconstruction surgery?

The reconstructive surgery performed after Moh’s surgery generally lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the defect being reconstructed.  When defects are limited to the skin and soft tissue, they can be reconstructed by the use of either skin grafts (ie. segments of skin obtained from an area distant from the reconstruction site and inset into the defect) or local flaps (adjacent tissue rearranged to resurface a defect)

After a brief recovery period, patients return home afterwards.  Post-operative care and recovery period are dependent on the type and extent of reconstruction and will be specified at the time of your reconstructive surgery.

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