Considering A Tummy Tuck? Read On

abdominoplastyAre you battling loose tummy skin? Even if you have an excellent work-out routine in place and are watching what you eat, chances are neither of those are taking care of your excess tummy skin. So, if you’ve lost a large amount of weight, are battling an aging tummy, or have lose tummy skin following childbirth, a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, may be the perfect solution.

Being in good general health and physically fit are important components to your recovery from any surgery, but they are especially important if you are considering a tummy tuck.

  • Your fitness level, emotional stability, realistic expectations and positive attitude are all crucial factors that can aid in your recovery from surgery. Having a good support system is also a definite plus. There isn’t a substitute for moral support, encouragement and help at home following your tummy tuck surgery.
  • The healthier you are definitely makes you a better tummy tuck candidate.This is especially true for reducing any potential risks of anesthesia and surgery. Additionally, if you are in good cardiovascular shape and close to your ideal body weight, you should recover from the surgery very well.
  • Being physically fit won’t necessarily shorten a normal recovery time, but the healthier and fitter you are the faster your recovery will be. Your body may not actually heal faster than those of a patient who is sedentary and overweight, but you will likely be back to your normal activities sooner. Patients who aren’t fit might experience potential side effects or complications that may prolong their recovery time.
  • You should never push harder to make your healing go faster. Listen to your body. It will tell you when you are pushing yourself too hard. Be cautious about getting back to “working” your abdominal muscles too soon following surgery.

Now that spring is almost here, now is the time to consider tummy tuck surgery…and be summer-ready before you know it. Dr. Kimmel welcomes your questions. Call to schedule a consultation, today: Pottsville – (570) 622-2900. Hazleton – (570) 455-4252.

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