Facial Implants for a Beautiful You

shutterstock_6749944The shape of your face can make one of the best first impressions you’ve ever imagined. Certain facial features can also make patients more confident in their appearance which always makes a great first impression.

If you are seeking to improve the shape or overall appearance of your face, contact our office to learn more today. Facial implants can be used to enhance your facial shape and to balance any asymmetries in your face. Symmetry is widely known to be one of the most attractive features of a face. Asymmetry can occur naturally or also as a result of injury or facial trauma. Dr. Kimmel is experience at correcting facial asymmetry and providing your most balanced appearance ever.

Following a careful pre-operative facial assessment including precise measurements and radiologic evaluation, appropriate implants will be selected for your facial enhancement.  Implants can be precisely placed to augment a receding chin, add prominence to cheekbones or reshape a weak jawline.

In addition to cosmetic enhancement of facial features, implants can also be employed to correct certain birth defects or reconstruct facial features following traumatic injury or tumor removal.  Recovery time is generally brief, with patients resuming their usual activities within 3 to 5 days.

Contact our office to learn more today!

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