Let’s get Up Close and Personal with the Facelift Procedure

Facelift Procedures Hazleton and Pottsville, PAGetting up close and personal is something that most of us want to do. Self-consciousness about appearance can stand in the way of how we relate to others on a day to day basis. If the signs of aging have become a frustration that you notice every time you look in the mirror, we should talk. There are several ways to minimize concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, but the surgical facelift has always been the gold standard, and probably always will be. Here’s why . . .

While we can plump the cheeks with fillers or stem cells, and reduce wrinkles with other injectables, a surgical facelift addresses multiple concerns in a single session. Here, we will look at a few notable concerns that can be corrected during the facelift procedure.


Jowls. Those drooping sacks of tissue at the side of the jaw line. Once the skin starts to sag in this area, it can be hard to ignore. The correction of sagging jowls is actually one of the primary advantages of the surgical facelift. During the procedure, the ligament around which volume has accumulated is temporarily released so that the excess can be lifted, draped appropriately to renew the strong angle of the jaw.


When gravity starts to have more pull on weakened facial muscles and tissue, it all seems to go South. This includes the area beneath the chin. The double-chin is one of the common concerns that men and women express when they visit our office. While there are non-surgical treatments that may reduce the amount of fat in this crease between the chin and the neck, one must remember that fat-reduction is not the end of the story. There is also loose skin to consider, which we do in the surgical facelift.


The volume that is gained in the lower face is that which is lost in the roundness of the cheeks. To restore fullness, we may incorporate fat injections with the redraping of the superficial muscles across the mid-face. In so doing, support and volume are restored.

Refresh your facial aesthetic with help from your Pennsylvania plastic surgeon. Our offices in Hazleton and Pottsville conveniently serve patients from surrounding areas.


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