Plump Your Smile with Lip Augmentation

Do your thin lips have you feeling self-conscious about your smile? Many patients have visited Dr. Robert Kimmel seeking to add volume or definition to their thinned lips. Luckily, if you are feeling dissatisfied with your smile, there are many solutions available for augmenting your lips.

Lip enhancement is often performed by using an injectable filler such as Juvederm, Restylane or Collagen. However, if you’d prefer to avoid synthetic products, Dr. Kimmel can also replace your lost lip volume with fat harvested from your own body. This is known as an autologous fat injection.

Many patients seek cosmetic improvement to the volume of their lips. Some patients are born with thinner lips while others have lost volume in their smile over time. Just like any other area of your face, lost volume can make you appear older and less vibrant than you feel. A simple plumping technique like a lip enhancement can easily bring you greater self-confidence.

Dr. Robert Kimmel welcomes the opportunity to help you achieve your goals for cosmetic enhancement and enjoy a happier, more confident lifestyle. Contact our office for more information regarding lip augmentation today.

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