What is a Stem Cell Makeover?

50sAs we all age and gravity begins to set in, our skin loses its collagen and elasticity. This can result in lost facial volume as well as lost volume in other areas of the body. If you have tried other treatments only to be disappointed with your results, it may be time to consider what is known as a stem cell makeover.

Stem cells, while often controversial in other medical uses, occur naturally within your body. Dr. Kimmel is specially trained in the use of stem cells for improving your appearance by transferring fat cells from one area of your body through liposuction, processing the fat to collect the stem cells, and then reintroducing your own stem cells into another area of your body such as the breasts, face, or hands to give them a rejuvenated appearance. These cells can help stimulate the natural growth of collagen in your body and help restore your skin’s youthful appearance and elasticity.

The results of a stem cell makeover are dramatic, making your look years younger after just a few days of recovery.

Dr. Robert Kimmel welcomes the opportunity to help you achieve your goals of cosmetic enhancement, and enjoy a happier, more confident lifestyle. For more details on this procedure or to schedule a consultation, please call Robert M. Kimmel, M.D., FACS, PC at (570) 622-2900, (570) 455-4252 to contact us via e-mail.

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