Triniti™ Brings the Power of Three to Your Skin

Triniti™ Treatments Pottsville, PAServing the men and women of areas in and around Philadelphia, Allentown, and several other communities bring us a great deal of joy. One of our top priorities is to meet expectations and preferences. To achieve this, we have selected some non-surgical anti-aging treatments to complement our cosmetic surgery services. One such treatment is the Triniti™ light and laser skin rejuvenation platform.

Triniti™ is a multidimensional treatment that utilizes three powerful modalities: radiofrequency, intense pulsed-light, and laser. By combining the three, it becomes possible to treat a wider range of concerns, including skin laxity, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation or sun damage.

What to Expect

During Treatment:

Triniti™ treatment is conducted in an office visit lasting approximately one hour. After cleansing the skin and applying topical gel to assist in the fluid movement of the handpiece, we begin treating discoloration and UV damage with the RF FotoFacial aspect of the process. Refirme skin tightening follows, reaching deeper beneath the surface to promote collagen reformation for firmer, younger-looking skin. Finally, Infrared fractional laser treatment is performed to continue the stimulation of collagen remodeling. Triniti™ treatment is not uncomfortable for most patients. Slight warmth and pinching or “zapping” may be experienced.

After Treatment:

One of the numerous beneficial aspects of Triniti™ is that the recovery period after each of the three necessary treatments is relatively uneventful. Normal activities can be resumed immediately, with an eye for sun protection. Broad spectrum sunscreen should be used every day, and tanning of any kind (tanning beds included) should be avoided for at least 4 weeks after the series of treatments have been completed. If the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light through sunshine or tanning lamps, there is a risk of permanent darkening. Furthermore, ultraviolet light breaks down collagen, so inevitably minimizes the long-term results from treatment.

Over the first several days after Triniti™ treatment, areas of darkened skin may appear. Minor peeling or flaking may also be noticed. These are both temporary and indicate the turnover of skin cells to reveal healthier, more youthful skin.

Learn more about our non-surgical beauty treatments by calling our Hazelton or Pottsville office.

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