What is a Thread Lift?

Have the effects of gravity caused the delicate skin on your face to sag or wrinkle prematurely?  Do you desire cosmetic correction but need a procedure that offers shorter recovery times than traditional plastic surgery? Maybe it is time that you consider treatment with a thread lift.

shutterstock_241060018While many cosmetic surgery patients are not familiar with a thread lift – this type of cosmetic correction lifts the skin with sutures.  The procedure is minimally invasive and can be performed in office.  Thread lifting can be performed on the forehead, face, and neck. Because the procedure is less intense than traditional lifting surgeries, the recovery time is significantly shorter.

Basically, the procedure involves using specialized sutures to re-suspend your face’s skin. The sutures are laced through the tissue below the skin offering dramatic improvement.  By restoring youthful facial contours, thread lifting can improve your overall outlook by enhancing self-confidence.

Contact our office today to learn more about how thread lifting can make you look and feel better than ever.

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