Younger Looking Skin Without Surgery

Has the skin on your face started to lose volume and wrinkle or sag as a result? These signs of aging can affect anyone at almost any age.  While surgery is available to repair these conditions, for many patients surgery is not an option. If you’d like to see dramatic improvement to your hollow skin and wrinkles without surgery – consider a fat transfer treatment today.  By filling the skin with your own natural fat cells, you can dramatically improve your appearance and look younger than ever.

shutterstock_172456082Fat transfer treatment adds fullness to your lips, face or hands by removing your own fat cells from one area of the body and transplanting them into a new location. Typically, patients chose to harvest fat from their abdomen or buttocks for injection into the face. However, other sites may be available for use if desired.

Using your body’s own fat cells means that you will never have an allergic reaction to treatment. Additionally, your body may be more likely to naturally accept the injections – offering longer lasting and natural looking results.

Fat transfer treatment is also popular because it offers immediate results with very little downtime. Most improvements can be accomplished in just one visit, although lips often take two sessions for optimal results.

Contact our office today to learn more about fat transfer treatment.

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