Let’s Dive in to Some of the Leading Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments Hazleton, PAOne of the aspects of patient care that has made aesthetic medicine so wildly popular today is the availability of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Men and women of all ages are able to obtain customized therapies that are aimed at specific goals or concerns, many of them without any downtime whatsoever. Because anti-aging is not a game for the aged, there is always benefit to learning about leading cosmetic treatments. Here, we look at a few non-surgical facial and body treatments that we offer to help our patients feel their best.

Facial Treatments

  • There is value in the immediate results we see from wrinkle-reduction, but there is also a need for more. Microneedling is the modern-day collagen induction therapy used to promote youthful skin as it ages. This natural therapy excites collagen reformation by creating micro-channels in the uppermost layers of tissue. Regular treatments support skin health, vibrancy, and suppleness.
  • Triniti™ skin rejuvenation. This multidimensional device platform addresses numerous concerns, including laxity and hyperpigmentation by affecting skin cells with positive energies such as radiofrequency and infrared light. Gentle and effective, this is a great treatment for younger adults who want to postpone the visible signs of aging.
  • Thread lift. Long before the time comes for a full facelift, many adults develop insecurities that result from mid-face volume loss. Thread lifting is an excellent technique to address this physical change in the face. Minimally invasive treatment situates specializes suture material in an upward pattern beneath the skin. This material lifts and supports tissue for a few years at a time.

Body Treatments

  • “Stem Cell Makeover.” Our stem cell makeover treatment is a doubly-beneficial process that removes fat cells from an area they are not useful, such as the abdomen. These purified fat cells, which have a high stem-cell concentration, can then be introduced into another area, such as the backs of the hands or the breasts or buttocks to increase volume.
  • “Tickle Liposuction.” Liposuction with a tiny, oscillating tip improves the extraction of unwanted fat, preserving individual cells for use elsewhere, if that is desired. A notable benefit to this liposuction technique is the minimal tissue trauma that occurs, which means an accelerated recovery for many patients.
  • Liposonix®. High-intensity focused ultrasound is an effective method of non-surgical body contouring. Effective by the heating of adipose tissue, this treatment encourages the metabolism of fat cells over time.

Learn more about the treatment options available today. Contact our Hazleton or Pottsville office for assistance.

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